Drug Possession Cases

Cases involving drug possession defense include a variety of charges ranging from:

  • Possession of a controlled substance (POCS)
  • Possession of a dangerous drug
  • Possession of marijuana

The Defense of drug possession charges involves identifying everything from the amount of illegal or controlled substance, the reason for the detention by the police officer, determining whether it was with the purpose or intent to sell and working directly with the specific county and prosecutor the charge was issued in order to determine the best defense route available. Each case provides a unique opportunity to fail or succeed. However, without the personal service of an experienced and proven trial attorney with the depth in criminal defense, a prospective client will never know for sure.

Ira Z. Miller is experienced with the city and county legal processes and search and seizure laws as well as the proper and aggressive defense opportunities to employ on a clients’ behalf. In addition, Mr. Miller also understands the local probationary treatment programs that can be used to procure the best and most workable results for his clients.

If you have a recent drug possession charge and require an experienced criminal defense attorney, contact Ira Z. Miller directly to understand your available options and necessary steps to incorporate in your criminal defense.

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